Burger Slider Bar $3.25

Bar includes

Burger slider patties, lettuce, tomato Choice of cheese


Sauces Ketchup , Chipotle , Rosemary and Mustard 

Catering Options

Slider Sandwich Trays $3.75 per sandwich 


Turkey and Cheddar with Rosemary Mayo


Ham and Swiss with Honey Mustard

Veggie Wrap 

Chicken Salad on Croissant 

Taco Bar $2.95 Per Taco

Choice of Meat Chicken or Beef

Bar includes

Meat, Lettuce, Shredded cheese choice of Flour Tortillas or Hard shell 


Salsa, Chipotle 

Big Salad Bowl $38

Feeds 10-12 side salads 

J.L Hudson Maurice

Chicken Bacon Caesar 


Asian Chicken Salad

Taco Salad

Asian Chicken Tacos

Orange Chicken with Carrots, and yellow pepper served in a Wonton Taco Shell

Big Taco

$3.75 per Taco

Mini Taco 

$2.75 per Taco 

Served with Apple Cider Cole Slaw and Hoisin Sauce