Hydrangea Boutique

Meg's Quesadillas

Megan makes the best chicken chipotle quesadillas on the planet!  Also try some of our other South of the Border items.

House Specialties


Malo is constantly finding unique vintage items as well as new treasures to offer in our retail section.  Dine in and shop;  what could be better?

Hydrangea Kitchen is a local neighborhood restaurant located just across the street from Grosse Pointe South High School.

We are a fast, fresh, family restaurant that features our famous Belgian Fries with fresh aioli's, our twist on the famous J.L. Hudson's Maurice and Asian Salads, as well as Megan's fantastic quesadilla's.

Summer Hours

Hours: Mon Thru Friday 8am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 3pm


School Year Hours

Monday Thru Friday 7am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 3pm